The MP 104 Compact has all the features of the MP 104 basic terminal but in a slim design. The terminal is available in a wide range of colours and will adapt to any urban surroundings. The terminal is highly modular in terms of functions and payment methods, which will enable it to grow with your future needs.

Standard features

  • Electronic programmable coin verifier and coin shutter.
  • Intelligent, auto-calibrating antipin module that protects the coin verifier.
  • Motor driven pre-collection unit with a volume of 0.2 litres, or approximately 100 coins.
  • High-security cash protection.
  • Self-locking coin box.
  • Secure, flexible lock system with easily exchangeable locks.
  • Thermal printer with high-quality printout.
  • Ticket with 75 or 100 mm length and 57 mm width.
  • Tickets on roll (4500 pcs) or Z-folded (9000 pcs). .
  • Alphanumeric display, 2 lines of 20 characters, with automatic back-light adjustment.
  • LED and LCD indication on the display for information about servicing needs.
  • Customer-specific data loaded via modem or PC card (PCMCIA). No EPROM change required.
  • Cabinet and base made of stainless steel painted in a standard RAL color.
  • Power supply from battery only or street light.


  • Slit or insertion type card reader for credit cards with magnetic stripe.
  • Black list handling of up to 800,000 credit cards.
  • Chip card reader for paying with chip cards (including electronic purse).
  • Pay by space function.
  • Post (realtime) payment.
  • Control of external equipment such as gates and electric power points (sockets).
  • Communication between terminals in a local network and between the network (or standalone terminals) and Cale WebOffice.
  • Cabinet and base painted with the desired non standard RAL colour.
  • Power from solar cell panel only or in combination with mains.